Warwick Rocks 2016

We hope you’ve had a great start to 2016.

warwick 1We recently announced our plans for 2016, albeit with plenty still to be revealed on the detail, but just in case you missed our announcement, here’s what we have lined up for 2016.

July – the first ever Warwick Rocks Chilli Fest, a celebration of everything hot, hot, hot!

August 20-28 – the first ever Warwick Rocks Fringe Festival – we want to fill as many bars, restaurants and venues in Warwick with everything from poetry to comedy to music to magic. This will culminate with an all-day stage show in the heart of Warwick on Sunday, August 28.

Sept/Oct – the first ever Warwick Rocks Oktoberfest – watch this space on plans, venue and lots more exciting news!!

November 6 – Warwick Rocks Chocolate Festival – even more chocolate than last year, spread across the whole town, one not to be missed!

Christmas – watch this space, we have exciting plans!!

We’d love to hear from anyone about supporting any or all of these events, so please do drop us a note at warwickrocks12@gmail.com or on Facebook or Twitter.


14 thoughts on “Warwick Rocks 2016

  1. If you need a band get intouch would love to be part of this you can check allcour videos tracks etc at facebook page above

  2. An inspiring event reflecting cultural attractions Warwick has to offer!

  3. Hi we will be running the Chilli Eating contest so watch out as we do for Brindley Place Chilli Festival

  4. Where will the chilli festival be held?

  5. Hi all, As mentioned on BBC Coventrys Mollie Green Show their is only 2 weeks to go till the First Warwick Rocks Chilli Festival If you want to enter for the Chilli Eating Contest or the Prize Competition get your you still have time entry forms and disclaimer forms are all available at http://www.hollyandtheivy.co.uk NOW !!!

  6. GIRLS OF WARWICK /COVENTRY/LEAMINGTON !!! We only have 3 ladies entered in the 2016 Warwick Rock Chilli Eating Contest so far and only 2 weeks to go till the event !!!! Is their any ladies out their able to take the blokes ?? Entry form and disclaimer forms are now available at http://www.hollyandtheivy.co.uk Fill yours in NOW WITHOUT DELAY !!!!!

  7. Hi I’d like to take part in the chilli competition.

  8. Hi how do I sign for chilli competition in July?

  9. Hi there , We are a local Band who would love to play at any of these events. We have been going for ten years + and have all the kit. If you would like to hear us, email and I can arrange a date.

  10. We’re tasked with making a poster for Warwick rocks at school in media studies, do you have any tips for us?

    • Hi Stephen, our new website is at warwickrocks.co.uk

      On the poster, think about fab events, independent businesses, great nightlife, everyone working together for the town.

      Please do share what you come up with!

      Which school?


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